Why to use Comprehensive

Expertise: 30+ years

Licensed: Yes

Insured: Yes

Comprehensive Home Inspection is an independent home inspection company, and one of the most established in central new Hampshire. We can tell you what is wrong with a property, give an estimate of repair for anything that is wrong, and tell you why it is wrong.

We are independent, so we have no vested interest in you buying the home. None at all. We are simply here to ensure you mitigate as much risk as possible on your investment. We operate to a code of ethics and the highest standards. We are honest with you and treat you as you expect to be treated by a professional company.

Many realtors may tell you we are too thorough, but that is exactly what most of our satisfied clients say also. We are more thorough than other companies in the industry because that is what property owners and prospective owners pay us to do. We utilize the latest equipment, technology and education, coupled with experience and insight to provide you the greatest value.

All areas of the property are thoroughly examined, including the grounds, exterior, structure, electric, Heating and Air Conditioning, plumbing, bathrooms, fireplaces, wood stoves, kitchen and all other interior components. With a client walk-through of the property, the inspector will provide first hand consultation of the property's condition.

Our inspection report will provide you with detailed information for any corrections that may be required for repair or safety. You are provided a comprehensive home inspection report which we can print on site, e-mail or fax to you. Mailed copies of the report are also available, upon request.

We want you to know we work for you - and you only.