Real Client Testimonial

Mark D.

Recently I needed to have a couple of residential properties inspected prior to purchase. I was present at the first inspection and was somewhat disappointed by how much I paid for so brief a handwritten report. So I gave Tom a try. Tom does a very thorough inspection. He used a ladder to get up to the roof to inspect flashing on a chimney--in 9 degrees, not counting the wind chill factor. He discovered asbestos in a couple of places. He noted potential structural issues that were not obvious. He emailed us the inspection report within 24 hours of the inspection. Tom went the extra mile for us. The report helped us negotiate a better price. I wouldn't hesitate to use his services again--it was money well spent.

Bob M. 

I recently had to make a move from Pennsylvania to New Hampshire. I’ve moved several times in the past and have dealt with several home inspectors. I had an offer on a house in Gilford and retained Tom Fleischmann of Comprehensive Home Inspections to do the inspection. While I was aware of some issues with the house, and though I was not able to be present for the inspection, once I received Tom’s 14-page extensive report and spoke to him on the phone I realized there were far more issues than I expected. I backed out of that offer and kept looking.

 When you think about it, do you hire an inspector to tell you what you want to hear or do you hire them to tell you the truth, explain things simply, and give you a truly independent and objective report? Do you hire an inspector who is looking out for his own reputation among realtors or one who is looking out for the home buyer? I would hope you’d hire Tom.

I feel confident he is someone I can rely upon to help me make what turned out to be the biggest investment of my life.

I hope to never have to move again but if I do, and if it’s in the area, I’m certain I’ll once again rely on Tom’s insight and expertise. I found him to be responsive, available, quick to schedule the inspection, and get his report to me in a timely manner. He is up to date on modern construction practices as well as older homes with their myriad idiosyncrasies. I was impressed by his electrical, plumbing, roofing, foundation, and exterior knowledge. His services were also quite reasonable and competitive. I hold him in high esteem and would readily recommend him to any other home buyer looking for an honest assessment of their next purchase. He’s the real deal; ethical and honest. What more could you ask for?