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When you are ready to put your existing home on the market, you should be aware of any potential problems that may cause a buyer to lower their bid.

Having a Comprehensive Home Inspection may assist in alleviating potential problems by allowing you to properly fix those problems before a Buyer completes a home inspection.

Comprehensive Home Inspection will evaluate all the major elements and components of your property including the HVAC, foundation, electrical and plumbing in addition to our other point checks, so that you can make a truly informed decision before you put your home on the market - even giving you a free estimate of any costs to repair a defect.

An older home may appear to be in good condition, however, there may be a number of defects, or even safety hazards that may need to be addressed prior to a sale. Investing in repairs before a sale can often save you tens of thousands of dollars in profit even when those repairs or upgrades may only cost a few hundred dollars.

Having a pre-sale Home Inspection shows potential buyers and real estate professionals that you care about your property and are presenting full disclosure prior to a sale. With a pre-sale inspection report being made available to all parties, your current home may sell quicker than expected and maybe even without discounting it.

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