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If investing in real estate is your business, you always want a good return on your investment. With Comprehensive Home Inspection you receive a full disclosure inspection.

Comprehensive Home Inspection will evaluate all the major elements and components of a property including the HVAC, foundation, electrical and plumbing in addition to our other point checks, so that you can make a truly informed decision before you purchase - even giving you a free estimate of any costs to repair a defect.

Whether you are a first time investor buying an REO or a seasoned property investor, you should always obtain a thorough home inspection so that you can be aware of any defects and pests.

A property inspection can alert you to any potentially hazardous or unsafe conditions that untrained professionals may miss as they walk through the house. These can be particularly troublesome for a buy and hold landlord. Among these could be mold (which is often hidden), asbestos, lead, carbon monoxide or radon (both colorless and odorless) or even serious structural problems that could costs you more than your investment is actually worth.

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