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Areas: All areas of NH

Qualified: Yes

Written Report: Yes

License #: 00089

If you are currently looking for a new home to live in or invest in, you should have the best independent professionals working for you - from your Real Estate broker to your Home Inspector. With Comprehensive Home Inspection you receive a full disclosure inspection.

Comprehensive Home Inspection will evaluate all the major elements and components of a property including the HVAC, foundation, electrical and plumbing in addition to our other point checks, so that you can make a truly informed decision before you purchase - even giving you a free estimate of any costs to repair a defect.

Most Real Estate, Insurance or Banking professionals recommend you now receive a home inspection prior to a purchase. Whether you are a first time home buyer or a seasoned home buyer or investor, you should obtain a thorough home inspection so that you can be aware of any defects, by having the inspection performed by an independent home inspector from Comprehensive.

An older home may appear to be in good condition, however, there may be a number of defects, or even safety hazards that may need to be addressed. Major household components such as air conditioning, water heaters or well pumps may be near their end of life so it is far better to know the condition of the property upfront, before investing in purchase.

Even on new homes, you should also have Comprehensive Home Inspection tour the property for defects or potential problems. Most properties, are inspected by a town's building inspector, but the roof, attics, and other components of a home are not inspected. Be sure that you seek a reputable resource to assist with a potential property purchase.

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